Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than a set of instructions that tells the government who your property should go to after your death. Estate planning is the process of understanding your unique needs and goals and creating a plan to protect and pass your wealth, wisdom, and values to your loved ones.

There’s no perfect time to broach the subject of estate planning. Faced with the decision between taking the initiative to start a family discussion about estate planning and putting it off until later, most people are inclined to do the latter. But that means opening up your family to some really unpleasant consequences in the future. To avoid being a burden on your family, the time to begin is now.

Contrary to what you might expect, the best way to begin usually isn’t to talk about specific documents like wills, trusts, and powers of attorneys or even your assets. Rather, it’s to have a conversation about your concerns, goals, plans and hopes for the future. Your estate plan should represent the care and concern you have for your loved ones. In the long term, you can sleep more soundly knowing your family will be prepared because you have a plan in place. It’s much more important to start now while everyone is still here (and doing well) rather than waiting until after a loss or a significant medical issue develops.

By working with me, you will have the opportunity to cover all these important aspects and your estate plan will address your needs and goals using an approach that makes sense to you, and a strategy that you can be confident in. We begin the estate planning process with me taking the time to understand your unique goals and concerns, the unique dynamics of your family, and what you hope to achieve. Once a plan has been developed, the heart of your plan will generally be a Revocable Living Trust, a Pour-Over Will, Powers of Attorney, and an Advanced Healthcare Directive that documents and carries out your wishes. Once your plan is complete, it is important to revisit it through the many different stages of your life to ensure it continues to meet your needs and goals.  

Whether you are looking to create your estate plan for the first time or to update your existing plan, I can help you create your comprehensive and personalized estate plan, providing you peace of mind that your wishes will be followed.

Contact me today to begin planning for your future so that you and your loved ones can rest easy.


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