Elder Law

As we grow older, our health care needs change, as do our financial needs. Planning for and paying for long-term care, which traditional health insurance usually does not cover, can be stressful.  Having the right documents in place well before an incapacity occurs is crucial. Elder law attorneys make sure you have a plan in place to meet your changing needs and have special training and education to help the senior population specifically. Waiting too late to plan can have considerable and costly consequences when mental or physical incapacity occurs. Failing to prepare will also inevitably lead to more stress for you and your family during already difficult circumstances.

Long-term care costs are very high now and are constantly rising. Many of us may not be able to afford thousands of dollars a month for care, especially if that needed care lasts for many years. Without careful planning, your assets, including your house and retirement savings, could be consumed by your long-term care expenses over a relatively short period of time. The government has programs (for example, Medi-Cal) that can help pay for long-term care, but it often takes careful planning to qualify for these programs. Proper care and a plan to pay for that care are vitally important for adults of all ages.

Getting the right plan and resources in place as health needs change is an overwhelming task for most family members.  I can help you find the right resources and help you organize your affairs in the proper way to help avoid crisis decision-making later. If you or a loved one needs this help, I would be honored to work with you and your family.

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