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When Lisa’s mom was hospitalized, her dad begged her to take care of her mom if he ever couldn’t. Of course, Lisa said “yes.”  Years later, when Lisa’s dad passed away, her mom’s hearing and eyesight had failed, she could no longer drive, and she had fallen several times.

Lisa’s first step in keeping her promise was to visit an elder law attorney to make sure that her mom had the proper financial planning in place with proper powers of attorney.  This is important for older adults, particularly those in her mom’s situation.

When Lisa kept her promise, she joined a community of millions who are taking care of aging parents. The challenge is enormous. Caregivers can keenly feel the loss of freedom. Family emotional issues, left unaddressed for years, may re-emerge. Lisa might be spending money she’s not sure she has. She can’t sleep for worry. She is wrestling with the dem