Do It Now: Name a Guardian for Your Minor Child(ren)

I know it’s hard. Thinking about someone else raising your children can stop you in your tracks. It feels crushing and too horrific to consider. But you must. If you don’t, a stranger will determine who raises your children if something happens to you – your children’s guardian could be a relative you despise or […]

Feeling Squeezed in the Middle of a Generational Sandwich?

Raising your kids, working, trying to take care of yourself, and now caring for an aging parent? That makes you part of the “sandwich generation.” You are not alone—almost half of America’s 40- and 50-year-olds are in the same boat. Most of us have adjusted to balancing children, work and finding some time for ourselves. […]

Advanced Health Care Directives: Are They Necessary?

Most of us don’t like to think about the possibility of something harmful happening to us or a loved one. Because of this, we rarely think about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones if the worst were to happen. Just as it is important to buy home insurance to protect your home and […]